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University Library Student Survey 2016

Your University Library is ranked joint 1st in the UK for student experience and listening to student feedback has been integral to that achievement. Please help us to ensure we deliver the service you need by completing this short, 10 minute, survey.

Responses will be treated in the strictest confidence and any information you provide for
the prize draw will in no way be linked to any responses or comments made.

All survey responses will be entered into a draw to win an iPad Pro.

The survey consists of four short sections:

  • About you

  • Your Library learning spaces

  • Your online services and the Library Collection

  • Library support for developing your skills

Section 1: About you:

  What type of programme are you studying?
  What year are you in?
  Are you studying...
  Which Campus are you mostly based at?
  Your University Library offers a book postal and journal photocopying service for Distance Learners, part-time students and students on placements for over 6 weeks: library.northumbria.ac.uk/info-ptdl.

Have you ever used this service?
  Which Faculty are you with?
  What device(s) do you use to conduct your study or research? (Select all that apply)

The following questions are optional; however, they help us to understand how our services are used by different groups of customers.

  Are you?
  What is your age group?
  Do you consider yourself to have a disability (including dyslexia)?
  Are you?
  What is your ethnic group?

Section 2: your Library learning spaces:

Your University Library provides a range of learning spaces on campus designed in response to student feedback. With over 2,000 study spaces and one of the highest proportions of PCs in UK universities we have added over 280 study spaces in the last four years, with more developments to come.

  Which Northumbria University Library site do you visit most often?
  Why do you only use online Library services?
  Which of the following are important to you when you are studying in one of your Libraries on Campus? (Select as many as you like):
  How satisfied are you with your experience of these study areas?
  Quiet/silent learning spaces          
  Social/collaborative learning spaces          
  Bookable study rooms          
  Areas for time-out for study          
  Study spaces next to the print book collection          
  Desktop computers          
  Library laptops          
  Printing facilities          
  Access to refreshments          
  Comfort (i.e. temperature of the building/s)          

City Campus Library is open 24/7 during term time, with Coach Lane and the Law Practice Library also offering generous opening hours.

  Can you access your Library resources when you need them?

Did you know that your University Library has held the UK Customer Service Excellence accreditation since 2010? Ask4Help, who handle all your initial enquiries, are available to you throughout the opening hours of each Library, including 24/7 at City Campus Library during term time.
CSE logo   Ask4Help logo

  Have you ever used the Ask4Help service? (in person, online, by telephone or email)
  How do you prefer to contact Ask4Help? (select as many as you like)
  Do you find the Ask4Help staff...
  Friendly and welcoming      
  Helpful and willing      
  Knowledgeable and efficient      
  Easily identifiable      

The University's Careers and Employment Service can be accessed at City Campus Library.

  Please indicate which Careers and Employment services you are aware of:
  Please indicate which Careers and Employment services you have used:

Section 3: Your online services and the Library Collection

In September 2016 in response to student feedback we launched Library Search, a powerful new academic search tool to support your learning and help you discover your subject.

  How often do you use Library Search?
  Which features of Library Search do you find valuable?
  Has Library Search helped you to discover your subject (e.g. to find books and journal articles relevant to your assessments and wider reading).
  How would you describe your experience of using Library Search?
  In September 2016, your University Library also upgraded your Library account. Which of the following have you found useful?

Your University Library works in partnership with your lecturers and tutors to create the online reading list service which provides access to your directed reading for over 1,500 modules and 70,000 resources.

  Have you used the Library's online reading list service? readinglists.northumbria.ac.uk
  Has the online reading list service supported your reading for your lectures, seminars, tutorials and assessments?
  Would you describe the online reading list service as:

Your University Library provides access to a wide range of material to support your learning. Your Library Collection comprises over 500,000 print books, 800,000 ebooks, 100,000 journals and 300 subject databases.

  How important are the following to your studies?
  Print books          
  Print journals          
  Subject databases          
  Do you prefer using:
  How do you usually access your Library collection? (select as many as you like)
  In response to your feedback, Library Search displays which floor your book is shelved on. How else could the University Library help you find your books on the shelves?

Section 4: Library support for developing your skills

Your University Library offers a range of support to help you develop your learning skills, including over 50 face-to-face training sessions and twice weekly drop-ins (Northumbria Skills Programme) and over 200 online, interactive learning materials (Skills Plus).

  Have you ever accessed any of the following?
  Northumbria Skills Programme (NSP) training sessions in the Library      
  Drop-in sessions in the Library      
  1-2-1 support appointments in the Library      
  Skills Plus (online or hard copy materials)      
  Spotlight displays (e.g. Spotlight on Dissertations)      
  How would you rate your own knowledge/skills in relation to the following?
  Literature searching            
  Academic writing (e.g. essay or dissertations)            
  Planning your dissertation            
  Critical evaluation            
  Academic integrity and avoiding plagiarism            
  Group work and collaboration            
  Numeracy and statistics            
  How do you prefer to develop your learning skills?
  Did you know that you can book a one-to-one appointment with a University Librarian to  help you discover more information about your subject and be successful in your studies?
  If you have a disability (including dyslexia) and are registered with the University's Student Support and Wellbeing Service, then the Library may be able to offer you additional borrowing privileges and personalised support (http://library.northumbria.ac.uk/info-disability).

Have you ever accessed this service?

Final questions

  Would you agree that your Library resources (e.g. books, online services and learning spaces) have supported your learning well?

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